This ministry is designed with you in mind. It will help couples reach their full potential in a married relationship. It will also give you the tools on how to nourish and cherish each other so that you can have a healthy relationship. It will play a pivotal role in making your marriage a success.

A positive peer group, going into action to sharpen our life skills, increase our knowledge, strengthen our integrity, deciding to embrace the unique, sincere, individual, distinctive person.
That lies within, through successful mindsets and steadfast emotions. Bringing about, the WHOLE person. Attaining the wealth, position, and honors of a successful Life!

B.A.D (Blessed, Anointed and Dangerous) Women Ministry
B.A.D women ministry is designed to help women overcome everyday life dilemmas according to God’s holy word. It offer women of all ages, quality opportunities for personal growth. It gives you the pathway of how to have a successful and balanced lifestyle.

This ministry bring women together to learn and share each other experiences and challenges. It build relationships and trust among us as we show love, joy, and true friendship with one another, as we serve God.

The Lord has given me a passion for children and women. I enjoy the extra special blessings of being a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. I know what it’s like to be a single mother and now a married mother. I share my experiences and knowledge with each woman. I have a heart for people and I am committed to putting love in everything I do. My favorite saying is “PUT SOME LOVE IN IT”, meaning whatever you do or say, make sure it has plenty of love in it. My life scripture is Ephesian 6:7 which says, “Serve wholeheartedly, In All You Do.”

Elder Tate has been connected to Right Spirit Ministries for over 20 years. After being away for 10 years the Lord led him back “home”. He has served Bishop Dupree Cook in numerous capacities. He was Bishop Cook’s first Armor Bearer and has served as a Sunday School Teacher,

Custodian, Trustee, Chairman of the Deacon Board, Sound Technician and a member of the Praise Team. He was recently ordained as an Elder and has the honor of leading the Men’s Ministry of Right Spirit Ministries. He continues to serve wherever needed. He is married to Veronica Taylor Tate and they have four children.

(includes Praise Dancer, Youth Services and Tutoring)

Includes, audio and video department, media material distribution, public relations and television broadcasting.










Join Us For Service!

Intercessory Prayer - 8:00 a.m.
Sunday School - 9:00 a.m.
Morning Worship - 10:30 a.m.

Youth Bible Study - 6:00 p.m.
Worship Service - 7:00 p.m.